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Keith Starky is a leading researcher in the field of Advanced Sparse-Tree Social Networking Systems from Washington Polytechnical Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. This "weblog" is part of his ongoing research in humor propagation and fluid reputation dynamics.

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Awesome Sween Week Graphics

Let it be known that the amazing Girlmonkey made these graphics for me. They are amazing. Look at them. Amazing. Did you look at them? Maybe look at them again. Then follow Girlmonkey on Twitter. Then look at them again. Print them out. Tape them to your mirrors.

(She’s a great writer, too.)

Thank you, Ms. Monkey. Thank you very much. My apologies for neglecting to mention this already.


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    No apologies necessary, Mr. Starkey. You mentioned this already, as per our contractual obligation. However, I don’t...
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