Keith Starky Explains Twitter

Daily deep-dive analysis of a specimen from the modern world's most exciting communication medium for penis humor.

Keith Starky is a leading researcher in the field of Advanced Sparse-Tree Social Networking Systems from Washington Polytechnical Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. This "weblog" is part of his ongoing research in humor propagation and fluid reputation dynamics.

Please contact him at with any questions you might have.

Jesus Christ! I feel like I’ve been asleep for a thousand years. How long have I been asleep, Kip? I must be way behind on my research. Fetch me some coffee, boy! Time to check out my favorite source for research material and—what the fuck

— Dr. Starky, ten minutes ago, emerging from and returning to a lengthy coma brought on by acute Sween overdose during his ill-fated Sween Week this past July.


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